Inbound / Outbound Load Development

The highly experienced management team at TQ Logistics can develop and implement load planning strategies that reduce costs and improve efficiencies.  In some cases, revenue sharing between TQ Logistics and our dedicated partner can generate supplemental income for both parties.

Warehousing / Cross-Dock Services

Efficient supply chains often involve warehousing and/or cross-docking services to break inbound freight and build outbound loads.  TQ Logistics can leverage existing facilities or secure the appropriate facility to get the job done in the most efficient manner (volume and capacity required are the determining factors in the strategy for each individual customer).

Trailer Spotting / Lot Management Services

For manufacturers and distribution centers that seek to maximize efficiency in production and utilization, look to TQ Logistics dedicated trucking to run your yard/lot operation.


Some companies find that using the consistency and reliability of the dedicated trucking model may offer additional sources of revenue by using brokerage to cut down un-laden miles.  TQ Logistics offers superior brokerage services through a strategic partnership that allows our customers to maximize asset utilization.